How to choose a good fancy sari?

fancy sari

Since the dawn of time, Indian women have been wearing a type of fabric called “sari”. You must choose a sari as per your taste. The top ways to choose a sari on Snapdeal are; 

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Trendy Colours

The trendy color of the sari depends on the occasion. For example, if you wish to wear a simple yet classy sari for a wedding, you can go pink or red. However, if you want to go in for a more daring look, make it blue or black in color while fancy sarees online shopping

Types of sari

There are different types of sari that are available in the market. If you wish to wear a one-piece sari, you can go with a full or half sari. However, if you are looking for something more modest and covering, then the half sari is what you should be looking for. 

You can choose whether you want to wear an ethnic look or a western Indian look with your sari. If it is a formal occasion that calls for an ethnic look, then the best thing to go for is the ethnic sari that has embroidery work on it. 

For a more western look, you can choose the sari that has lacework or has small flowers on it. There are two types of saris that you can choose from the Indian sari and the Western sari. For an Indian sari, saris are usually worn on the right-hand side, whereas if it’s a Western or American sari then you can wear them on the left-hand side of your body.

Wearing saris for Function and Occasions

A sari is used mainly to cover the torso but you can still wear them in a manner that one side of your body is covered while the other part of your body is exposed. One sure shot way to look like a Bollywood actress is to wear a sari with splits at the sides and expose your legs whereas wearing a pair of high heels. The color of the sari does not have to follow a strict rule and can go for different colors on different occasions. For example, if you wish to wear a pink color sari for an office function or function of a fashion show, then you can go for the same color. However, if it’s donning a red traditional dress at a wedding or a reception party, then you can go for something else – such as black or blue.

Socialize our Personality

The way you tie your sari says a lot about your personality and the event that you are wearing it to. If it is a wedding or a reception ceremony, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with leaving the pallu on one side of your body. However, if you are attending an office function or a social gathering, then tying both the pallu drapings over your shoulder is more appropriate and appealing. The way you tie the sari also depends on what kind of blouse you have tied around yourself. If your blouse has a full neck then you can tie it around your neck with the obi sash tucked inside, whereas if your blouse has a V-neck then you can place one end of the obi sash over the V and bring it to the front again.

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Striking Colour Combination

Typically, the sari is worn on festive occasions but if you are not that much into dressing up, then it’s fine to wear the same on daily basis as well. No need to fret about using the same sari for a week. The striking color combination of a sari is pink and black. Although this combination may look very attractive, there are many women who think that it is not a good idea to wear the same sari together because they do not go well with each other. If you want to wear pink, then why not try the traditional saris instead? The sound made by it is mellow and warm.

Traditional saris

Another striking color combination is when you combine red and blue together. Although some women are able to carry this color combination off in style, other women attribute it as one of the worst combinations that they would not want to wear. A traditional striking color combination is when you combine yellow and green together. If you want something more vibrant and colorful, then this is the best color combination for you. However, if you are more into the subtle colors, then it may not be the most ideal color scheme for you to wear.

A sari is a piece of clothing that covers the body from head to foot and is worn as an outer garment in parts of South Asia. A woman wears one draped around her waist and can be held closed with a cloth band or wrapped as a turban, covering the head. The word “sari” is used generically for such garments in some Indian languages such as Hindi and Bengali, but the term “salwar kameez” is more commonly used to describe traditional clothes worn by South Asian women.

A sari-like garment is also part of the traditional dress of the Antakarinya in Uganda, and called a shiromani or sagudia.

Saris are made of many different fabrics, but two are predominant: cotton, which is sensitive to direct dyeing but colors beautifully and wears well; and silk, which takes the most brilliant dye colors but is extremely delicate. Silk saris are typically more expensive than cotton ones. A sari is usually worn with a blouse ( “kurta”) and a belt (“pallu”, “odani”). A shorter wrap of unstitched cloth, similar to a large turban, can be used as an alternative to the scarf (“pallu”) when the sari is worn in formal styles.


The sari appears in many forms and styles depending on the region and purpose for which it is worn. It can be worn draped over the body in many different ways. The pallu is considered an integral part of the sari. The sari can be worn by unmarried women, widows, and unmarried girls. The use of the word “sari” as a general word for female clothing is now more common in Bengali.

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