List of Local SEO Tactics to Rank on SERPs and Google Map Pack

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(Google Map Pack) Local SEO strategies are aimed at getting your business featured in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) at a regional level, as opposed to the national or international level. Close to 50 percent of all Google searches are comprised of users seeking local information.

With the help of powerful local SEO services, your business can gain high online visibility in SERPs, as well as get featured in the Google Map Pack for the relevant set of keywords. The Google Map Pack lists the top 3 highest-ranked businesses that get highlighted in a separate box on top of the search results. Given the prominent and distinct positioning of the Google map pack, a large chunk of users directly click on the businesses featured in it. Here are some valuable local SEO tactics to rank on SERPs and Google Map Pack:-

Create your Google ‘My Business Listing’ with inputs from a renowned SEO Agency in Mumbai

Nowadays, most businesses already have their basic ‘My Business Listing’ on Google. To be recognized as a highly prominent and distinguished business in the area, you need to have a well-optimized and robust listing.

If you are a Mumbai-based business owner, try to collaborate with a good SEO agency in Mumbai, specializing in Local SEO Services. For a robust ‘My Business Listing’, the first step is to ensure that you use your business name with no errors, duplicity, or keywords –stuffing.

Under ‘Google My Business’ description, make sure you post top-notch, keywords-optimized content. When it comes to keying in business information like map location, timings, contact details, and services, make sure you provide full-fledged details that would be useful for your customers. Ensure that all business details are complete, accurate, easy-to-comprehend, and updated at all times.

Enhance the Visual Appeal of your Business Listing

The buck doesn’t stop at creating a good Google ‘My Business Listing’. As a business owner, you have to ensure that it looks attractive, by uploading high-quality images of your establishment, products, services, and any other relevant aspect.

Also, it is highly recommended that you solicit positive reviews and ratings from your satisfied customers. Listed businesses with at least 20 reviews and ratings above 4 stars appear much more credible to potential customers, as opposed to listed businesses with a low star rating, or no reviews/rating at all.

Additionally, when you post suitable responses to customer reviews, it will further enhance your trustworthiness as a business. The higher your star rating and the total number of reviews amongst your competitors in the same region, the higher are your chances of getting organically featured in the much sought-after Google Map Pack.

Consistent Online Citations

Apart from focussing on your ‘My Business Listing’ on Google, you also need to get mentions of your business name in local online directories (like Just Dial), other local search engine pages (Yahoo Local, Bing Places), online review sites relevant to your business, local blogs specific your industry, and most importantly on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The greater the number of citations, positive mentions, good reviews, and back-links to your website, the higher is your credibility and online reputation as a local business. One important aspect here is to maintain a uniform business name/branding/logo, and use consistent wordings to mention your business details, for the online citations across all platforms. Any inconsistencies can be jarring, and affect your local SEO endeavours.

Google Map Pack

Improve your On-Site SEO by collaborating with a good SEO agency in Mumbai

For entrepreneurs based in Mumbai, it is important that you outsource your local SEO services requirements to a top-notch seo services noida. This is because the best on-site SEO tactics for your website can provide a big boost in your search ranking, thus increasing your probability of getting listed in the Google Map Pack.

The first step is to embed a Google Map on your site’s contact page, and ensure that your location is exactly the same as listed on your Google ‘My Business Listing. The creation of localized landing pages with local keywords-optimized content (and ensuring that your business name, phone number, location, and a short description is mentioned on each page) is yet another winning local SEO strategy. 


There are a lot of potential customers in your vicinity, trying to find products/services on Google. Most of your local competitors are probably vying for their attention already. Getting higher search rankings for these relevant, local search results, and being featured in the much-coveted Google Map Pack can really transform your business prospects. Cash in on the advantages of local SEO today!

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