How to fix a frozen phone touch screen?

frozen phone touch screen

It is not rightly said that investing in costly phones is worth it. Whatever phones we use the operating system will face lag issues in a few years. The common area of concern is the touch screen getting frozen. You must have come across scenarios where a smartphone screen stays still, even after continuous tapping. This refers to screen freezing. 

There are many reasons for this glitch and there are ways to resolve this. Some of the best mobile repairing centers find that older phones usually face this complex issue. 

With the information from the smartphone professionals  we will be sharing how to resolve this issue and what are the ways that trigger this problem on android phones. 

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Why does the screen freeze?

The screen of the phone freezes due to the processor. When the RAM of the smartphone is full, the performance suffers. The phone can lag, run slow or freeze due to insufficient space in RAM. The other reason is storage of cache data in the phone. 

The cache memory is of no use to the phone and occupies the space. It is better to clear the cache memory weekly to avoid blocking the extra storage. 

Using the corrupted application also leads to frozen screens. It is important to check the authenticity of the application before downloading it to the smartphone. 

How to Fix Frozen Screen Issues?

Force Restart:

When the phone is frozen, it becomes almost impossible to turn off the phone or restart it. Here you have to force restart the device. To force restart your device follow the effective steps mentioned below: 

  • Press the power button and the volume down key together. 
  • After a few seconds of pressing the phone will prompt the restart. 
  • The phone RAM restores and allows the screen to work properly. 

Phone Storage:

The system will not work properly if the phone storage is full or nearly occupied. Check the storage once a month to avoid these kinds of glitches. You can go to the settings application of your smartphone. There you can check the storage of the phone and the division unit of the application occupying the storage. Delete the unwanted files, applications and data to free some storage. 

Tip: If pictures and files are important to you then transfer the data on your laptop. In this way you can free the storage of your mobile phone and have the files on the laptop. For easy access you can also transfer the files to the Cloud. 

3D Touch:

It is normal to experience unresponsiveness on the iPhone screen. It happens due to 3D touch sensitivity issues. Apple iPhone repair is crucial to maintain longevity. To adjust the 3D sensitivity you are required to visit the Settings tab of your iPhone. In settings you have to go to the Accessibility option. Click on the touch and 3D & Haptic Touch. At the next page adjust the slider between the firm. You can also turn off the 3D touch if the screen is unresponsive. 

Wrong Application:

The phone may freeze because of the wrong application running. The unwanted application running is stuck on your phone and makes it slow. Phone processor is harmed in the meanwhile making it slow. How to deal with wrong application running? 

  • Closing the Application:

The first step is to close the frozen application to resolve the issue. If you are unsure about the application creating issue remove all the programs from the running section. 

  • Uninstalling the application: 

If you figure out which application is creating the issue or making your phone slow, removing it is the solution. Clearing the application which you don’t use is very important to clear your mobile phone issue. You can get to the settings tab and choose the application icon. There you can choose the application and delete the unwanted ones. 

Safe Mode Activation:

There are cases when the application or program makes the screen unresponsive. To understand the issue, turn on the safe mode. This mode will restrict the application from working. The application that doesn’t work on the safe mode shouldn’t be there in your phone. 

Otherwise, if you observe that the touch screen works while entering the safe mode the problem is in some application or program that you recently downloaded. Go to the downloads section and clear the recently downloaded application or file to make the changes. 


The screen of the smartphone becomes unresponsive when dropped in the wet areas. Drying off the phone is very important to avoid motherboard errors. You are highly recommended to get in touch with the professional experts here. The more you wait, the more damage the phone will face because of wetness. 

Digitizer Connection:

Phones tend to lose control after they are dropped. This generally happens because the digitizer connection gets loosen internally. Tapping each corner of the mobile phone will allow it to reconnect. If gentle tapping on the corner doesn’t make it work, the digitizer is damaged. Your phone needs immediate professional help to fix the digitizer issue. 

Screen Protector:

If the phone screen is changed or a protector is placed, it is important to check the placement. If the screen or screen guard is not placed correctly, touch issues will occur. Check the phone after getting it tempered with screen protection. Also, it is highly important to clean the phone screen and glass. Sometimes the screen becomes unresponsive on account of accumulation of dirt. 

Factory Reset:

This is the last resort if all the above methods don’t help. The factory reset will clear all the data, media and files from the phone. To factory reset make sure the phone is charged to a minimum of 35%. To reset the device you are required to go to the settings application and click on Backup & Reset. For the next step click on Factory data reset. Enter your device password and click on Reset the phone. 

Final Guide!

There are many ways to repair your mobile phone’s frozen screen. With this detailed guide you can temporarily fix the frozen screen problem. To have a permanent solution to this, a professional guide is what you need. 

With Shatterfix you can get the facility of mobile repair online. The team picks up the phone from the prescribed location, repairs it and delivers the phone to the location. 

Shatterfix has a professional team that are acquainted with iPhone and android phone frozen screen repairs. You can get in touch with the experts of Shatterfix to know more about the solutions. 

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As a digital marketer, I take pride in helping organizations succeed online by planning and allocating the right budgets to the right media/channels. I am primarily involved in researching, analyzing strategies for client projects. I am highly enthusiastic about SEO, Social Media, PPC, and the entire Digital Marketing domain.

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