Don’t Feel Guilty, Use Of Phone Tracker Is  a Good Call

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I had to work a double shift because of an emergency thus made some last-minute plans for the lunch. If things were normal I had a plan to have lunch with my tweens at home. But duty called so I ask them to meet me at the famous restaurant close to their school and we will have lunch there. I was hungry and as soon as they served, I started eating. Well for a second I forgot the protocol that the food needs to be photographed before eaten otherwise you are in big trouble. My husband and I follow this protocol efficiently when we are around kids but I guess that day was my bad day. Both of them threw a tantrum for the next few minutes and one of them even refused to eat. I felt so helpless and was tired as hell as well so I just started eating silently after wasting energy and time trying to convince them. All the people sitting at neighbouring tables were watching and noticing us. Some were smiling, some were looking at me with pity. I had the lunch paid the bill and left and on the way to the hospital in all the crying, I decided to make my life easy. 

Yes, parenting is hard enough so why make it more stressful full with all the extra worries.  It has been a while since my kids are showing addicting behaviour regarding their online life. Now, this has almost crossed the line so I thought I should interfere and take control. The decision to use TheOneSpy phone tracker app was a good one and I am satisfied and happy that I went through that tough part strongly. Now they are under my radar and I am quite enjoying this whole remote monitoring thing interestingly.

Screen Time Check:

Every parent in my circle has this one complaint in common. It is about how much their kids are addicted to the screens. Yes just observe your kids or teenagers for a day and notice how much time they spend with the gadgets. I am sure you will be surprised just like me. So the only solution is the use of parental control apps. TheOneSpy offers a screen monitoring feature that let the user know about the screen activities of the target person in real-time. You can actually make a surprise visit to their phone screen to know about their activities. The app also saves the information in the form of screenshots and short videos. 

Too Much Instagram?

Too much Instagram is bad and we all know that. This photo and video sharing app has basically hijacked our life. Well don’t know about you but mine has been and it is not easy living the hijacked life. Instagram spy app let your know about the Instagram life of your teen with timestamp information. You can not only know about their post details but can also get into the private chatbox as well.  

No Worries About The Disappearing Snapchat Content:

Snapchat is famous for its unique features. But no need to worry about the disappeared content as the Snapchat spy app offered by the phone tracker saves it all for you. You can check the disappeared text messages as well as snaps. You can know about all the online companies and friends remotely with the help of social media monitoring features.  

Secret Hideout Alerts:

GPS location tracking can help the user to track the real-time pinpoint location of the target person. You can even mark a safe and restricted zone on google map. The feature saves all the history of the movements of the teen.  

Be Their Shadow:

Track their online activities and know what kind of content grabs their attention. Know about the bookmark folder and block any unwanted website from their devices through web-filtering.  

Even a password encrypted photo gallery can be remotely accessed through the TheOneSpy phone tracker app. 

Don’t feel guilty about using the parental control app usage as it is the only solution to all of your digital parenting problems. 

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