A thing or two about 1st and 2nd fix electrical works

In any construction or building project, the first fix electrical work is a crucial phase. It mainly deals with preparation. The phase largely covers the skeleton of the wiring. Interestingly, the overwhelmingly major part of work done in this stage will get hidden as and when the project completes. This phase mostly deals with installation of the cables and wiring. Even the new back boxes are fitted in place. All the work included in the first fix is done with the absence of carpets or furniture on the floor.

More about first fix

Trained and licensed electricians providing 1st and 2nd fix electrical work in London explain the first fix is carried out before plastering the walls. Usually it is done simultaneously with central heating or plumbing installation. Other than installation of new wiring and cables the job involves the following –

  • Fitting back boxes and new circuits for switches and sockets
  • Burglar alarms
  • CCTV
  • Central heating
  • Fire alarms
  • Internet
  • Both internal and external security lights
  • Telephone
  • Doorbell
  • TV sets
  • Access control

Plastering is done only after the 1st fix is over. This is to ensure no channels and holes made in the walls are left unattended to. An electrician moves on to second fix phase when the switches and fittings are installed and the system is ready to go live.

When should a house be rewired?

 It may be time to rewire when you have just purchased a property or planning a refurbishing for the current one. Rewiring ensures the electrical system in the property in question is safe for you and your family members. Even rewiring a home or property involves both the first and the second fix phases.

When the first phase electrical is done?

You know your property is undergoing first fix electrics when the electrician is busy pulling the cables through the different lights and sockets. It is done before fitting the plasterboard and insulation. The wires are finally left sticking out from the ceiling and the walls.

Preparations for First fix electrics work

The first fix work is a little messy as the cables and wires get installed. With wiring going through ceiling and walls, floorboards, furniture, carpets and even existing plaster for old properties are removed. Tools like drill machine and hammers are extensively used. In short the approach is quite disruptive on the whole. So it is important to plan everything minutely well in advance. To start with work out your needs and then set a budget. It is better to share your needs with your electrical contractor before the first fix installations starts. The professional can not only fine tune your ideas but it is also incredibly difficult to make additions in the middle of the job. That makes the project more costly as well as time consuming.

Draw the full plan of your property with all the rooms and their setups. This way you cal visualise better where the lights, switches, sockets and plug points ought to be. Rewiring gives you the option to alter the general lighting pattern as well as the fixtures. Because of this great flexibility you must invest a little time and effort to plan everything ahead of time.

Do not forget to include all the security systems – including fire and burglar alarms, access control, external lighting, CCTV and others – in the wiring blueprint. These devices need a dedicated power supply to perform their tasks without any interruption. 

Rooms that have more than one access points should have at least a two-way switching although a three-way is more sensible. During a full rewire it is better for the property owner to move out for a few days. The greater freedom and the greater access an electrical contractor gets at this stage, he can finish the job with lesser distractions and disruptions.

If moving out is not possible then people must stay as much out of the way possible from the electricians. Move every single electrical equipment into a separate room while cover the furniture and other valuable things with a heavy cloth to prevent from dusting.

When the consumer meter has to be moved

If a first fix electrical job involves moving the main connection and the meter for whatsoever reason then you have no other option but ask your electricity utility provider to do it. This itself may take up a considerable number of days. So you have to get this done even before the first fix starts. The utility provider may even charge you for this service.

Factors that determine the cost of rewiring

The cost figures are determined by a number of factors including the following –

  • Total number of switches and fittings that are to be installed
  • How long the work is expected to last
  • The size of your property
  • Whether it is a new build or an extension
  • How old the existing wiring is

In addition to the factors mentioned above, even the structure of the property will be considered before calculating the final cost figures.

As per the current market price, for a semi with two bedrooms you have to pay a minimum of £2,000 to £3,000, while for a 3 bedroom semi it is anywhere between £3,000 and £4,000. The same with a 4 bedrooms will charge you £4,000 to £5,000. If you have a 5 bedroom semi you have to pay anywhere between £4,500 to and 6,000,

How to differentiate between the 1st and the 2nd fix electrics?

Differentiating between the 1st fix and 2nd fix electrical is not difficult assure licensed electricians associated with the Electric Works London. Now that you have some clear idea about first fix installations, now we will discuss about the second fix. At this stage plastering will be complete as switches, panels, consumer unit, light fittings and even switch plates will be installed in the proper place. The property as a whole will look nice again. Remember that quality wiring is your key to safety.

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