5 Best Node js IDEs

5 Best Node js IDEs

5 Best Node js IDEs If you are a developer then of course you will be looking for the tools to use for your project. There are a lot of solutions such as development frameworks and testing tools available in the market that can help you do your job easily. Similarly, IDEs can also simplify your development process but finding a suitable one from a stack of the best NodeJS IDEs to fulfill your coding requirements is easier said than done. But have no worries, here in this blog, we are going to discuss some of the most popular reliable IDEs recommended by expert NodeJS developers in India. 

Top NodeJS IDEs


Koding is used for many programming languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, Go, and more but being a NodeJS IDE, it has a one million-strong community. You can use this IDE along with WordPress, Laravel, Django, and Docker to build top-notch quality mobile apps. 

One of the benefits of using Koding is that you can preview your work without the need of switching your tab because it comes with an in-built browser. Moreover, if you don’t like the current screen real estate then it also allows you to change the mainframe of the IDE. 

You would get every feature an editor could have including tab size, word wrap, line numbers, auto-indenting, sift tabs, Auto-complete, and more. Additionally, it also has a feature called multi-cursor that enables you to create various edits of the same kind at the same time. 

Sublime Text

sublime text node js

Sublime Text is another top NodeJS IDE on our list that is used for coding purposes. After all, it is a cross-platform text editor. Nodejs developers prefer Sublime Text because it provides a variety of features that can be helpful with NodeJS development. 

First of all, it will only take a few keystrokes to open files if you are using the  Goto Anything feature of this tool. Sublime Text supports multiple selections so that you don’t have to make the same change multiple times. On the contrary, it saves your time by allowing you to make several changes at once. There is another feature called Command Palette that offers all the commands you might need in a single place so that you don’t have to go search for them in the menus. 

What’s more? If you want to work without any distractions then this NodeJS IDE provides a feature mode that lets you work only in the full screen with nothing but your code editor. Some other helpful features offered by Sublime Text include Plugin API, Instant Project Switch, Split Editing, and more. You can also customize the elements of your programs as many times over and over. 


JetBrains has been supplying developers with high-quality tools for over 15 years. It’s a package of the best software solutions available in the market along with a bunch of top-notch IDEs like IntelliJ IDEA, PHPStorm, and WebStorm. All of these IDES are used for NodeJS development but WebStorm among them is the only one which is highly optimized for JavaScript projects. 

On the other hand, PHPStorm was created for PHP and IntelliJ IDEA for Java IDE. but still, you can get their nodeJS plugins if you want to use them for your NodeJS project. Similar plugins are also available for PyCharm and RubyMine. 

The point I’m trying to make here is that if you choose to use JetBrains for your project then you can transform any good software solution into your NodeJS IDE. JetBrains not only offers an amazing set of software development tools but they can also enhance your NodeJS development experience. 

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Komodo IDE

Komodo is a cross-platform IDE that has been offering NodeJS debugging for a long time. Apart from that, it also provides an integrated development environment for various programming languages like Go, Ruby, Perl, PHP, Python, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. 

Komodo NodeJS IDE comes with a commando feature that can give you access to any file, bookmark, or tool as soon as you name it. It also enables you to share anything you want with the help of kopy.io. You can also track your changes or revert. 

Komodo can be easily integrated with NPM, Bower, or Composer and it also supports Vagrant and Docker. You can run any command you wish inside Komodo with the help of a feature called shell integration. Tons of other features are supported by Komodo including code refactoring, fast code navigation, simultaneous group editing, and more. 


Nodeclipse is just a plugin for Eclipse that can be used in NodeJS development. Being a core of other software solutions, Eclipse software can be easily transformed into a NodeJS IDE. Various software solutions included in the tool offer a variety of features but the basic ones will include the features like CoffeeScript support, Debugger, and Code Completion. 

Meanwhile, Enide Studio and Nodeclipse offer an editor that is equipped with NodeJS passing arguments, generating Express project, markdown editor, integration with JSHint, and more. The best thing about this NodeJS IDE is that they allow you to build a feature-rich tool that can help you meet all your coding-related requirements. 


Cloud9 is one of the best IDEs that can satisfy all your requirements related to NodeJS development. It supports around 40 languages and as the name gave it away, it is based on the cloud. Cloud9 is the combination of power and mobility of an online code editor that comes with a full Ubuntu workspace. There is no need for you to set up your system or even maintain it, all you have to do is just select the configuration and then build your application. 

Developers can leverage it to create and run their stacks within a few minutes. Cloud9 is quite capable of managing hundreds of thousands of lines of code as well as files at the same time in a workspace. Features like split view, image editor, in-built terminal, debugger, and language tools have made Cloud( one of the most reliable nodeJS IDEs in the market. 


WebMatrix is one of those IDEs that makes your job of making NodeJS applications much easier. Its features such as built-in templates and code completion work like a cherry on top. Many other NodeJS IDEs indeed have code completion features but none of them have it like WebMatrix. It can enhance your code by suggesting NPM modules, functions, and variables. 

And the pre-built templates vary from empty sites to complex applications. WebMatrix can make your code more efficient because it has LESS and Sass CSS preprocessors. Not only does this IDE provide an amazing CoffeeScript editor but it also allows you to publish your NodeJS project to any hosting provider you want.

Final words

NodeJS IDEs are indeed making a huge difference in the software development industry. They are helping developers create lightweight applications with high-quality code in real-time. If you do not want to get left behind then it is high time that you find a suitable NodeJS IDE for your project, one that can help you fulfill your development needs.

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As a digital marketer, I take pride in helping organizations succeed online by planning and allocating the right budgets to the right media/channels. I am primarily involved in researching, analyzing strategies for client projects. I am highly enthusiastic about SEO, Social Media, PPC, and the entire Digital Marketing domain.

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